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Default Re: Soccer Game (printable game board)

That's great Karen! I played a game similar to that but I like your version better. Yours is a much more exciting faster pace game.

For larger classes you can just use a magnet as the ball and kids can move the magnet around instead of drawing and erasing the ball.

The same can be done with the board you've uploaded. Just put it up on the board and move a magnet around as the ball.


for this game or any line up game including slam, slap ...

I like to stop the students and have a rock-paper-scissors round.

1. All the students simultaniously play rock-paper-scissors against me.
2. Students who win or tie stay where they are.
3. Students who lose have to change lines.

I do it 3-4 times during the game.

They love to hate this!

It also puts a little bit of excitement into the game if you're playing it over and over. Also, everyone then has a chance to win or lose at any time.

- Mark
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