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Default Re: Have you ever been embarrassed while teaching?

The most embarassing moment....BAR NONE:

I didn't have a class so the art teacher asked if I would be a model for her JHS art students. Everything in Japan is about presentation so I had to stand outside the class and wait for the ultimate moment of my introduction, at which time all the students were enthralled by my presence and started clapping upon my entrance into the classroom.

In the middle of the class, were four desks slammed together. This was my platform to stand on. Upon climbing onto the desks, the teacher instructed me to do a pose. Naturally, I awed them with my basketball 3-point shooting pose with my arms extending over my head like I was about to release the ball.

Just then, I heard giggling from in front of me. A group of boys were laughing their asses off. One of them finally had the courage to tell me that my zipper was down.

I immediately jumped off the desks, ran into the hall and zipped it up. Upon reentering the class, I nonchalantly called him a liar and returned to my awe-stricken pose.
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