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Thumbs up Baseball Game (printable game board)

This game is a lot of fun for students who know the rules of baseball. Baseball is not as widespread as soccer so make sure your students at least have a vague idea of how to play baseball.

1. Prepare 20+ cards with questions on them.
2. Place the cards on the pitcher's mound
3. Divide the class into 2 teams.
4. One student from Team 1 pitches (picks up a card and asks the question) and 1 student from Team 2 bats (tries to answer the question).
5. If the batter is correct, they go to first base and the next batter and pitcher repeat step 4. If the batter is wrong, that's 1 out for Team 2.
6. If batter 2 answers correctly, they go to first and batter 1 goes to second base.

Follow normal baseball rules:
3 outs and the teams switch sides
9 innings (if time allows)
Runs ("points") are batted in

There are lots of different ways to play this game. Variations include:

On the cards with the questions write "Single", "Double", "Triple" and "Home Run" on them. "Singles" would be the easiest questions and "Home Runs" would be the hardest questions.

Pitchers make up their own questions (on a given theme). If their question is grammatically correct, it's a strike. If it's not correct, it's a ball. The batter can still swing at balls or can decide that the question was incorrect and take a ball.

I think the most effective and fun way to play this game is to create an actual baseball diamond in your classroom (if you have room). Get the students up on the bases, at bat and pitching. This is a lot of fun!

Post questions if you have them.

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