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One thing I learned the hard way was to keep things non-competitive with preschoolers. Games I play for points with other classes, I play with applause for any kids who does it right in preschool. Doesn't matter who is fastest, or how many chances he/she needed to get it right.

That being said here are a couple more games:

1) Fetch.

Divide kids into 2 teams. Have one set of flashcards with you of words or letters they've been studying. Have two more sets of matching cards placed face-up on a table across the room. Call one kid from each team up to you. Show them a card. On the count of 3, have them walk quickly to the table to find the matching card. *** Don't forget to have one card for each kid over there on the table. Oh the tears if you forget!

Applause and points for each team to get and name the matching card, no matter who is first. If one kid gets it wrong, I let them have a chance to head back to the table.

2) Singing

After the kids get familiar enough with a new song, I like to get a small group of volunteers up to sing it in front of the class, or else do the actions for it while the class sings it. It's super cute and builds some confidence in doing group presentations for when they become CEOs. I make sure they go in groups of 3 or 4 so no one gets major anxiety.

3) Play-do!

Give all the kids a small lump of play-do and call out an animal or something for them to make, ie. Make a cat!. Count down from 20 and then have everyone show each other their cats. Repeat with a new animal. Later, have kids call out the intstructions.

4) Group charades.

Preschoolers are sometimes too young for this one, but it's worth a try. Again, instead of putting the pressure on one kid to act in front of the group (it never fails that however enthusiastic was the volunteer, they always freeze up when they look back at they're class) Divide the class into 3-4 groups and have one kid from each group come up and mime the word you show them from a card. Animals work best, or actions. First team with correct answer can choose the next word.

5) Teacher v. Students

Confusing at first, but once they get it, it's fun.

Show kids a vocabulary word. Name the card. If you the teacher name it correctly, all kids should repeat you. If you name it incorrectly, kids should cover they're mouths and say NOTHING (that's the trick).

For example:

Show a picture of an elephant. You say "Elephant". Class repeats "Elephant". One point for the class.

Show a picture of a tiger. Say "Monkey". If anyone says "Monkey", the teacher gets a point. If everyone keeps silent and covers they're mouths, the class gets one point.

They love beating the teacher. Also, it's a good chance to demonstrate how to be a good loser. -Something I do need practice with

Hope this helps.

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