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Default Re: Ideas for Free-Talking Topics

Speaking games can still get the kids to ask loads of questions. The element of competition also adds motivation. Some activities I've had success with:

Interview Bingo
Board Races
Sentence Scramble (Place a bunch of words on pieces of paper, one word to one slip plus some extra words which don't fit. The kids get in teams, unscramble the words (which they talk about in terms of grammar, etc.) and race to the board to write the sentence.)
Board Games (Break the kids into groups, up to five per group. The kids draw cards to ask questions, and other students answer. They progress along a board to the finish. You can quite easily make a gameboard in PowerPoint, and type up a list of questions around the grammar point.)

You should also have a listen to ESL Teacher Talk (ESL Teacher Talk) or look at MES English ( for ideas.

Good luck!
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