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Default Re: Would you apologize to your students?

Where the grammatical usage in textbooks is concerned, I think it also depends on where it was written, or rather, who wrote it.

I’ve certainly come across a number of textbooks written by non-native English speakers that promote language usage which would make any native speaker cringe. Even in such cases, I try not to come out and call it “wrong” but I do make it known that it’s not an example of usage that a native speaker would generally find acceptable.

Then there are textbooks written by native speakers of an English dialect which might make use of language in ways that seem strange or wrong according to your own dialect. Here, I think the best and most responsible thing to do is point out that there is a dialectal difference there, give examples of how the same thing might be expressed in your dialect (and any others you might be familiar with) and make sure they understand that each of these different ways of expression are equally valid.
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