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Default Re: Would you apologize to your students?

I have no problem apologising, but then again I have mature adult students who make mistakes in their own jobs. I have to admit that it would be more difficult to apologise to a group of teens. Even more difficult if some of them occasionally try to catch you out.

I've even had adults who try to catch me out from time to time. I tell them, 'If you keep trying, one day you'll catch me making a mistake. However, today is not that day!'

The worst thing is the old 'I spelled it incorrectly to see if you would catch the mistake' trick. I don't think that ever works.

Incidentally, I recently went to an elearning seminar where the guy made mistakes all over the place and some things worked and some didn't - he just incorporated it into his training style. If you're working with technology, I guess you have to expect problems and I think ESL teachers can learn from that.
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