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Quote jswig
This seems to be the rule instead of the exception here. I have tried to learn not to take it personally. Whereas we consider it common professional courtesy to let the applicant know one way or the other, apparently Koreans do not. I guess the motto here is no news is bad news. When applying for a job that I really want I harass them. I take the initiative and follow through. I call to make sure they got my materials, ask when the interviews will be and when the decision wil be made.
Thanks for the advice. It's great.

Actually I should have taken the harassment approach. That seems like the best way. My problem is I don't want to be the "pushy, demanding foreigner". But now that I think about it, I can imagine most Koreans being pushy when it comes to getting something they really want.

Great advice for the next job, though. On a side note, I might have posted a bit prematurely. I got the job I had initially set out to get but it was hard road getting there.

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