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Default Re: Looking at Job Offers from Schools

There are two things that you can do before you go. One is just read up about the country that you'd like to go to, and just go. The other is to get your job, apartment, and everything else set in place for you. I know that option #2 sounds like a better deal, no worries or headaches, and a little bit of excitement as you're going to a new country for the first time. But don't forget about the thrill of pushing yourself, testing yourself, and putting yourself in a situation that you've never experienced before. We all need to take risks sometimes, because when we do, it forces ourselves to perform when we need to. There's no one to rely on but yourself. That may not sound as appealing to you as it does to me, but that's what's so amazing about people; we are all unique, and different things float our boats. Whichever you choose, be confident that you've made the right choice and keep that mind of yours wide open. You will succeed!