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Default Grammar Advisor: A TEFL Teacherís Best Friend!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jason Klass from BridgeTEFL and we have just launched an online grammar site for ESL and EFL teachers that I thought fellow forum members would find useful. Itís called Grammar Advisor and itís both a course where you can brush up on your knowledge of English grammar and a resource where you can quickly and easily look up grammar rules. Itís unique in that you have access to a real, live grammar expert that answers your specific questions!

Grammar Advisor has a lot of innovative features like talking Sitepal characters, an imbedded glossary, and a knowledge base that make it painless to learn grammaróand more fun than a traditional grammar book. But the best part is that itís designed specifically for TEFL teachers so unlike other grammar resources, it not only explains the grammatical rules, but also shows you how to teach them to non-native speakers! Check it out at


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