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Default Re: When the Teacher Becomes the Student

Wow, these articles are fantastic, really! As I'm not a teacher at the moment it's impossible for me to implement those ideas towards my students. However, I do have a regular job, and also a website to maintain. I will try to use these suggestions to make my "customers" more satisfied with our "transactions". Thank you, eslhq.

As for korn (junihar), I would suggest finding out what your students are interested in, and focusing on teaching English in that area. For example, if they are interested in American movie stars, and Hollywood movies, you can use this as a teaching tool. You can print out articles about the stars or the movies and teach those subjects. If they're just kids and are beginners in English, then they really need to start from the beginning. My suggestion here would be games, games, and more games. When you teach with games, kids learn without even knowing it, and they're having fun along the way. Good luck to you!

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