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Default Re: The Sentence Relay Game

This game is a great way to practice speaking and listening, and can be fun for all ages!

Since I primarily teach adults and it can be a bit over-simple for them, I sometimes play it with the following modifications in order to use it as a grammar / vocab / sentence structure review as well as speaking practice:

1. Divide students into two teams (or, for smaller classes, one large team is fine)
2. Choose a student from each team, or have someone volunteer, to be first. Give this student a card with a sentence printed on it. *Note - The sentence can be as hard or as difficult as you like, and it's a great idea to include grammar structures you've covered in class - this way, the students are intrinsically reviewing the grammar as they hear / say / write the sentence down.*
3. The first student reads the sentence out loud, and the next student in line must write the sentence down.
4. Once the sentence is written, it is passed to the next student in line. That student must correct the sentence for errors in spelling / grammar / missed words, etc.
5. Each student passes the "corrected" sentence down the line until it reaches the last person on the team. That student brings the corrected sentence to the teacher who evaluates how correct it is. A correct sentence gets a point for the team. Incorrect sentences do not get a point. If there is only one team, pass it back to them and have them try a second time as a group, giving hints.
6. Repeat the game, but have another student be "first" and read/dictate the sentence to their group. This way, more than one student gets to read aloud, and the order of "correcting" gets changed up a bit.

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