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Default Re: 5 Steps to an English Only Classroom

one question for you. if you decide to do the english-only classroom how r ur students whose L1 might not be english suppose to understand what you are trying to portray to them if they dont understand the language. I mean if a native spanish speakers comes to your classroom and maybe is in an ESL program for 1 year or so they still wont know enough english to understand the content in class. these students will them become disruptive and after a couple years will drop out because they dont feel wanted or accepted in the classroom.
i personally think that the english only approach is the worst approach. it makes students whose L1 isnt english feel inferior to the native english speakers. it makes the students feel as if their culture and language isnt important. also they wont be able to get the learning they need to know english fluently or keep their L1.
in my eyes i believe that the dual language program is the best for our students. it helps the students not only learn english but also gives them a chance to improve their L1.
if im wrong please let me know but this is what i believe is best for ELL students
thank you!