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Default Re: give me some advice to encourage Ss to remember words

What about... that old rainy day Brazilian game: each student gets a 1/2 A4 paper with as many collumns as the classes of words they know. E.g: one collumn for people's name, one for animals, one for school objects, one for foods, one for professions, etc... Horizontal lines separate areas to write in. First turn: everyone must write words beginning with the letter L (or any other sorted by any means). Ther's a time set(10' and: 1,2 3, go! they start writing. At the end of the time or when someone finished and says: I'm done! Everyone stops writing. Teacher asks each player what did you write in the collumn Names? After each student answers AND spell it correctly they get 5 point for right spelling (if the word belogs to that column) and 10 points if no one else wrote that word. Teacher goes through all columns. At the end of the turn each player adds up all the points done. The game can be done in small groups of 2 or 3 thinking together. And can be done one turn each day, working in the same piece of paper.
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