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Default Re: The Freeze Game, for teaching past continuous

Quote Manuela
Then I played the FREEZE game. I followed your instructions but instead of showing students the actions I showed them a flashcard. So there was no peeking problem since only one group could see the flashcard the others could only see its backside even if they peeked. It worked fine.
Eegad. I don't know how I missed your response, but now it's almost 3 months later... I'm so sorry!!!!

I think I play the freeze game differently. I make one team close their eyes while the other teams is miming, then I say FREEZE and the members of the acting group stop and hold the pose, then Team B opens their eyes, looks at the other team who is no longer moving, they are frozen, and they guess what they had been doing. Guessing is a little wilder then if they had watched the action being acted.

Wow, a long sentence to explain but it doesn't really matter. Both ways could work, I just wanted to clarify my original meaning.

I love your broken spoon game. Ah, that sounds like so much fun. I think I might do a version of that to review P.C. with my uni kids after exam week (I'll leave my rubber ball at home and maybe take in my broken watch instead).

So sorry to have not replied...

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