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Default Re: Have you ever been embarrassed while teaching?


I always have to check my spelling with Ryhme,I don't no why.

I do one song a year, The Rose. I give them the lyrics with 20 words missing. They listen and try to fill in the words, play it again then we go through the missing words words that rythme, ask questions about the song.

Does the songwriter think that you should be careful about falling in love?
So many times they confuse what the writer is saying and what other people think.

I get a bit tired of students asking me to sing a song. When they do I give them this.

I chose this song because I like it and it has lots of metaphors especially good when you are teaching something is like something else.

If they want more English songs they can go to Karaoke.

Ps I think singing songs can improve your pronunciation but do that at home. Class time is too valuable
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