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Default September / October start for Excellent Locations in Seoul and near Seoul

September / October start for Excellent Locations in Seoul and near Seoul close to subway stations

When you apply directly to the YBM Head Office the application process is transparent and you will receive professional visa support. Unlike recruiting agencies that collect placement fees from the school, which distorts their interests. Here at the YBM ECC Head Office we collect no fees, and we will only place you at our 31 company owned schools.

We are Korea’s largest employer of ESL teachers offering the most competitive conditions and stability of working with a large company. All 31 company owned schools have their contracts guaranteed by the YBM Head Office. In the year 2007 YBM generated more than $420 million US dollars at our various divisions so you will always be paid on time and in full.

Highlights of with a Company owned YBM ECC School
1. 2.0 to 2.4 million won (26 teaching hours / week) + Rent Free Furnished Studio
2. 2.4 to 2.8 million won (26 teaching hours / week) no housing contract
3. Your salary is guaranteed by the YBM ECC Head Office and never prorated
4. We have an average of 15 to 20 teachers per school (Korean English teachers and Native English speakers)
5. Low student to teacher ratio (6 to 12 students per class)
6. Structured curriculum and textbooks w/teacher’s guide and supplements
7. Fully equipped schools with computers, Internet access, photocopiers, teaching material, etc.
8. You will receive paid training and orientation before teaching
9. Major Benefits: Prepaid airfare, 1 months bonus severance payment, Compliance with Korean Pension and National Health Insurance
10. Other benefits 200,000 won Relocation allowance + 50,000 won visa fee subsidy, Paid Korean medical check, free accommodation upon arrival

For an end of September arrival on prepaid air tickets
1. Junggye ECC Seoul near Junggye subway station

For an end of October arrival on prepaid air tickets
2. Ssangmun ECC Seoul near Chaong-dong subway station
3. Sungbuk ECC Seoul near Sungshin Wonmen’s Univ subway station
4. Nam-Bundang ECC Bundang near Sunae subway station
5. Daegu ECC Daegu near Sinmae subway Station
6. Songdo ECC Incheon near Seoul in New Songdo City

To see our sample contract and pictures of our company owned ECC schools check out Welcome to YBM Education::

To apply for one or more of the above listed branches please send the following to the HR Manager Danny Kim at or

1. Your updated Resume and short cover letter or cover email
2. Any recent digital photo of yourself
3. State the locations you would like to consider (list one or more)
4. State the time frame you are able to begin work (end of Oct)
5. Please state if you have the required documents in order or by what date you will have them (university diploma, official transcripts, passport, police clearance and any other documents that may be needed for the E2 visa)

NATIVE English speaker with citizenship from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Bachelors degree or higher from the above listed countries.

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