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Default Re: Difference between Conversational Classes and General English Classes

Hi Eric,

I'm starting to seriously use the book in your class. I hope for some of your input, as well as any ideas by other people.

In your tips and advice section in your Compelling Conversations website, you wrote, "We’ve often found it helpful, especially in the beginning of the semester, for you to role play for the class a question/answer session with a student."

I've already got a pretty good structure on how to start the classes, use the proverbs and quotations and include the vocabulary. However, the main bulk of each chapter is the questions. There are about 40 questions or so in each chapter and I'm trying to find out how best to use them.

You wrote above that it's good to "role play for the class a question/answer session". I'm guessing that "question/answer session" is the main bulk of the conversation class when your students talk to each other. Could you elaborate on this. For example, whether we're using 5 or 10 or all questions, what kind of procedures would you give them and exactly how would your ideal question/answer session look like - that is, how is the role play going to be like that you share with your class going to look like? I'm assuming it's more than, "Class, good through each question (be it 5 or 10, etc) and one person reads out one question and then both answer and work your way through all questions assigned and make sure you spend 3 minutes on each question." So exactly, how would this question/answer session go like? Thanks.

I also want to ask you what the difference is between the first set of questions under "sharing memories" and those under "the conversation continues". I understand the difference, but how would that play out in a conversation class?

I'm looking forward to your "teacher's guide" and your intermediate conversation book. Any ideas when these would be ready?

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