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Default Re: Working Overseas...Has it changed you?

I agree with Eric Katan-ko,

Time to cut your losses and find a better place. I bet you would be able to find somewhere much better and cut out all that other stuff that is happening. I hope you find something soon and much better!

To respond to the original abroad has changed me.

It first happened really, when I was travelling abroad for three months alone. I personally feel that EVERYONE should travel abroad alone for at least a month. Why? Because you learn so much about yourself. You rely on yourself, you learn how to open up to people and I learnt a lot about my gut instick. (Always trust that feeling by the way!)

What has living abroad done for me?
-I now see the world from another perspective (culture). People basically want the same things but there are different "truths" and opinions on how to get there.

-Misunderstandings mostly happen due to lack of communication.

-I found the love of my life (hee hee...sorry guys...I'm getting married in Aug and pretty happy about it!)

- I am more able to put myself in others shoes.

Living abroad has made my life so much richer. I can't imagine living in Spain. That would be sad.
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