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Default Re: What is best way to teach unborn child? in Womb

Well, you can certainly dismiss my opinion, much as I dismissed your friend's.

But let's just list what your friend is saying and then please point me to the study that worked on this.
1. babies can perceive and are affect by external noise (serveral studies on this)
2. that (distinct) noise can have a genetic/physical level consequence giving a child highten ability to acquire a second language

Now, I only went to pharmacy school, but from what I see, you have a very very grand study on your hands there. It would take over a decade for data collection and rigorous constraints on your control group.

I assume the research you are refering to is self-serving assumptions and not scientific data.

We do know that those who learn a second language have a hightened ability to learn other languages, but that says nothing about simple exposure to a language. Additionally, we're talking about a learned ability that translates to continued success with that framework.

However, I've been wrong before and if you could just point me in the direction of the data or group that conducted the study, I'd love to read through it.