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Talking Re: games for small rowdy kids?

I like the games 'slow reveal', 'disappearing cards' and 'Kim’s game'.
-Slow reveal: Cover a flashcard with cardboard larger than the size of the flashcard. Reveal the card little by little. When the students discover what the picture is, they raise their hands and say it.
-Disappearing cards: Students observe a set of flashcards for a minute. Then they close their eyes and the teacher makes one card disappear. Call a student to say what is missing.
-Kim's game: Show students a sequence of six cards and place them on the board facing down. Number all the cards. Divide students into 2 groups. A member of group A tosses a dice and names the card that matches the number on the dice. If correct, the group scores a point and the card is taken from the game.
Well, these games are really good, children love them! I hope you like it!
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