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Default Re: Classroom management (discipline)

Hi there. Anyone still reading this thread?
If so, success on the classroom management front. My undisciplined 2nd graders were my guinea pigs for something new and it worked!
I divided the class (22 students) up into 2 groups - as they sit in rows, I split the room down in the middle - gave those sitting in the window half the name "windows" and the other ones, you guessed it, very original, "doors", drew up 2 columns on the board and explained the rules to them: for every unruly behaviour, their team gets one red dot. Five red dots means no sticker reward at the end of class.
You should have seen them each time the class got noisy and I took the red chalk, they went "ssshhh!!!" so in the end, everyone got their sticker and the class went well. Goal achieved. For this week anyway.
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