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Default Re: Working Overseas...Has it changed you?

Quote erinjk
Just a question that I thought I'd put out there!
While working overseas, have you noticed a change in yourself being either positive or negative? Or both!

For myself, I've noticed I've become more outgoing, as you have to be in Japan or you don't meet any new people.
Interesting, for me Korea has made me a kind of shy person. When I am in the classroom I am outgoing and funny etc but when I am outside then I am shy and don't talk to many people. I don't like strangers coming up to me and asking me stupid English questions and I really don't like people wanting to take their picture with me! Especially when they say that their English teacher in college told them!! Drives me crazy!

Having said that I think that Korea has made me a better person. I was a very easy going person before and could be easily pushed around whereas now I focus on things that important in my life now and plan for my future. I care only about my family, work and my health in that order.

Also my experience in teaching here has made me what to study teaching more and spend the rest of my life at it!
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