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Default A grammar game!

From the iLearn Technology blog comes this:

What it is: The British Council has created an A-Z website of 69 Grammar Games to help students learn and practice English grammar rules. I wouldn’t characterize many of the activities “games” but instead interactive practice. The Grammar Game website provides students with a quality explanation of each grammar rule and then gives them an activity where they can practice applying those rules. I think you will be hard pressed to find a grammar rule that was left off this site. As I was browsing through the Grammar Games site, I found many rules that I don’t recall being taught but knowing them would have been (is) helpful!

How to integrate Grammar Games into the classroom: Use the Grammar Game website as a place for your students to practice grammar rules they are learning in the classroom. You could also assign each student in your class a different grammar rule. Students can use Grammar Games to learn about the rule, practice the rule, and then teach the rule to other students. This is a great place for students to explore and interact with. Use a projector to introduce a new grammar rule to your students each day or at the beginning of each week. Students can practice the grammar rule with the activity that accompanies that rule on the classroom computers throughout the week.
Tips: Bookmark this page on your classroom and library computers so students can use it as reference during writing.
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