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Default Re: Students don't remember correct pronunciation

Hi everyone,

thanks for your help here, but I think this does not really work for my students. They are not even able to copy the correct spelling from the board, so how will they manage a "dictation"? -They also don't have time to study at home.

It's not that I only give them new words. They alway learn some language in context, too. E.G. with food "I like..." and "I don't like" and with description: She has got, she is etc. but they are also not able to remember what goes with which (has got brown hair and is tall) not even with examples given where they just have to copy, common sense for me.

It really does drive me crazy. I don't expect super correct pronunciation at all but at least I like to know what word/sentence they are saying and sometimes it's really not possible..........

Anyway, I have moved on and try to repeat some stuff at the beginning of each class as a game.
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