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Default Re: Any ideas for Hotel English?

Quote openmind
For example, we have been running a review of their websites so they might be able to attract more English speaking guests and customers.
im confused, how is that going to help them speak better English.

Anyway, i teach in the tourism department at a college and a few of my classes are hotel classes.

this semester i am using First Class: English For Tourism. its ok, though not entirely about hotel language. it really focuses on using polite/formal speech so if thats your focus, it'd be really good for that.

i've also used Workplace English: Office File. this book is more general in its content but good for language that will come up in the hotel, restaurant, office, airport, etc...

for hotel students its good to be aware of language that is used outside of the hotel like at the airport and restaurant because guest will usually be asking questions about those things as well.

that being said, i haven't found a book im completely satisfied with that strictly deals with hotel language.

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