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Default Bingo/Musical chairs fusion...

When playing either regular bingo or the bingo I mentioned in my previous post, you can make it a little more exciting for squirmy little ones who are tired of sitting still by combining it with musical chairs. Have your desks set up in a circle (that's how my class is) with a BINGO card at every seat and turn the chairs around backwards. Play the music and have the kids go around the circle as in musical chairs. When the music stops the have to sit at a Bingo card. The teacher (or a student, see previous post) calls out "B, elephant", or whatever. The students check the BINGO card in front of which they are sitting(NOT their original Bingo card), and mark it if they have that combination. Then the music starts again, and around they go. This makes the game totally random, as they are constantly sitting in a different spot. They can only call "BINGO!" if they are lucky enough to get a line of 5 on the card they are sitting at at that moment. It's silly and frustrating in a funny way, and helps them burn off some energy.
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