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Default Re: Does anyone know a good game to practice food counters

In addition to the game mentioned above, you can get your students to guess what you bought at the grocery store recently. You'll have to give them some hints to lead them in the right direction and prevent the game from lasting eternally, but my students usually enjoy it.

BTW, here's a funny story that happened when I was playing this game. I was using a supermarket ad from the newspaper to give my students help guessing what I bought. In the course of guessing, we came across grits and Cool Whip. My student who was Japanese had never heard of these foods, so she asked me what they were. I told her, and the next week in class she told me that she had tried the grits. She said her husband liked them, but she thought they were too sweet. Come to find out, she hadn't exactly understood what I told her, and she had mixed the grits with the Cool Whip. I tried to keep myself from laughing, but I couldn't.
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