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Default Re: Answer "I understand" or "I understood"

If you're talking about the car example, the answer would not be *I see it because as you correctly said, the present simple expresses a permanent event and this isn't. It would be I can see it.
"I can see" also is the present simple tense. That's why I'm confused. However, your answer can solve this ploblem.

when talking about sensory perception (with the verbs see, hear, smell, feel, taste) we nearly always use can
How about in the "past" case?
For example:[I saw that blue car in the last 10 minutes.]
My Friend: A) Can you see that car?
B) Could you see that car?
Me:A) Yes, I can.
B) Yes, I could.

Can I use A or B or both?

Thank you for answers. It seems to be that I've asked too much.
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