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Default Re: Informal Questions??

Notice the mistake in the first question -
Correct - This is the book for who?

Apart from that, there's nothing grammatically wrong with the questions, but they would only be used in a particular context - if the speaker hasn't understood what was said, doesn't understand, or is very surprised by it.

1) If speaker B doesn't understand because she doesn't hear (XXX is the word she doesn't hear):
A : I want to go to XXXX for my holidays-
B : Sorry - you want to go where?

2) If the speaker doesn't understand because she has never met the informatuion before (in this case, she has never heard of Rendola)
A : I want to go to Rendola for my holidays
B : You want to go where?

3)If speaker B is surprised by what was said - ie doesn't understand why the speaker would say such a thing. (Here, B knows there's a war on in Lizbikistan)
[i]A : I want to go to Lizbikistan for my holidays.
B : You want to go where? [i]

All the questions would have rise-fall intonation on the final word - probably low rise on (1), higher on (2) and still higher on (3).

So it's not that the questions are informal, but that they are used to express a particular "extra" meaning : lack of understanding.
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