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Default "lasts" or "continues"?

Hi guys,

I am a little bit unsure about the difference between "lasts" and "continues". For example:

Is "The festival lasts for three days," and "The festival continues for three days," both OK to use? They both seem fine to me.

However, with "The movie lasts for three hours," and "The movie continues for three hours," the latter sounds a little strange and I am not sure why.

Are there any special rules or situations where it only one of "lasts" or "continues" would be correct? What, if any, are the differences between the two?

As an English speaker this is pretty much straight forward for me and I have no problem using the words / grammar. However, I have some students in my classes who are curious about the differences between the two and I am not really sure if there are any...

Thanks in advance
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