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Wink Re: The SLAM Game (OR my favorite game ever!!!)

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Could you suggest some active and funny games to teach the difference between past simple and present perfect tenses? Please!
Well, I don´t have any special game or activity but some time ago I realized something that is not written on any book I ´ve seen my all life. Present perfect is used when you don´t want to say when it has happened, that everybody knows, but there is something much better behind it! When you start giving DETAILS of something you use the past simple. So that you would use more present perfect in general things or when you start talking about a new topic. However, as soon as you want to detail you use the past simple.
If you consider that, starting a game or activity with ever and experiences is wonderful; as you get a positive answer about anything in class you might encourage the other students asking questions with WH about the topic.
I hope this "light" help you guys, see you
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