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Default Re: Beware of email scams requesting tutors - they are getting cleverer!

Look what I have just got and please tell me your opinion. I think it's a scam.

Dear Teacher,

Greetings from Kelvin Juliet Magus Family,

We are French family working and living in the United Kingdom, We have a Daughter that is 4 years old and we looking for an English and Mathematics teacher from Any Country that can speak English and is willing to stay with us for a minimum of 24 Months.

We got your details from your Labor consultant ( and we decided to contact you, to discuss the possibilities of having you as our private teacher in the spirit of cultural exchange.

We are a laid-back and happy family. I work for Exxon mobil Oil and Gas Company in the UK United Kingdom, I work as the Project Manager and my wife Juliet is working with Lloyds TSB Bank plc UK, and we have a Daughter called JESSICA. Our Daughter goes to school 5 days a week from 8.45am to 2pm but we are not good in English Speech and written. Plus Mathematics.

This effectively means that we are limited to certain association with most people around because we are bad in English. JESSICA is very easy going and as such you can get along with her easily. Your accommodation would be fully furnished and we would be paying you 4100GBP MONTHLY throughout the duration of your stay with us.

We shall make available a vehicle for you to use if you can drive, we would also pay your travel expenses. Our Relationship with people around us means so much to us hence we are offering this salary so that you can put in your best while teaching us.

Sequel to the Private Teacher advertisement made, we have reviewed your information from our labor consultant for a possible job engagement with us and we also wish to inform you that we need your information to see if you are eligible to regulate my Daughter Academically.

You are to fill in the below gap in bold letters and send it back to us to enable I and my wife to look into it alongside our family lawyer to see if you are eligible to Teach my daughter.

You are to provide us with your:

A copy of your picture should be scan and send to us through an email
Attachment so that we will know who we are dealing with:.

Scanned copy of your Valid International Passport should also be
Provided to us for the obtaining of your Visa Materials and other
travel document that will enable you come down to UK immediately for
your job as your travel visa, work permit and your air ticket only
will be provided by us.

Once we confirm all the above information from your side, we will go ahead and provide you with our family pictures for you to know the people you are coming to stay with.

We will also provide you with our Official Number and Home number for further communication.

Best Regards
Kelvin Juliet Magus Family.
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