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Default Re: Games to teach the difference between past simple and present perfect tense?

I play Past Tense Shoot Out!

2 students stand back to back. I give one student a word and they have to make up a sentence - past or present (or future for advanced kids) - using that word. On my signal, they take 3 steps, turn and 'shoot' their index fingers at each other. First kid 'fires' off his sentence - the other kid has to repeat the exact same sentence but in a different tense.


T: "Your word is 'play'."
S1: " I played in the park!"
S2: "I am playing in the park!

If S2 can repeat the sentence in a different tense, the first student sits down and S2 becomes the new S1, and someone else steps up to challenge them.

The kids loved trying to come up with longer and more complex sentences to try and trip up their opponents. They showed absolutely no mercy to them!
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