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Default Re: The Freeze Game, for teaching past continuous

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I did a game with teenagers and with adults, that I called "Crime." I wrote the question on the board:

"Where were you and what were you doing last night at 10:30 pm?" (which is practically a tongue twister for Brazilians, because they don't use the letters "w" and "y" in Portuguese.)

I passed out cards from a regular deck, but only one king and on joker. The joker was the criminal and the king, the detective. The detective had to ask the question to different students to try to discover the criminal. Each of the students who had a plain card (innocent students) had to create an alibi.

"I was at home with my parents, watching TV"
"I was having dinner at a restaurant"
"I was taking a shower at home"

The criminal had to give an alibi that didn't match.

"I was playing soccer at the bakery"
"I was waiting in line at the bank" (which would be closed at that hour)

I liked your games a lot.
This crime game was excellent! I am teaching in Portugal and I have a class of only boys learning past continuous, they absolutley loved this game! They got a kick out of the detective role and the tounge twister was great for them too Thanks for the great idea!
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