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Default Re: first time teaching almost 3 year olds

It doesn't matter if the books are not in English because the children won't be reading them! They'll be looking at the pictures while you read to them.

You know the stories, so make it up as you go along, but keep it simple. Or write up some lines for yourself for each picture so that you remember what you are "reading" and make sure that you use the vocabulary you have pre-taught them so that they understand.

Old MacDonald, for example, can go something like this:

The farmer Old MacDonald has a farm
This is Old MacDonald's tractor
On his farm he has a chicken
Look, there is his chicken
(once you've read the story a few times and children know their vocabulary you can say "pig" when it's a chicken and they'll correct you)
On his farm he has a pig
Look, there is the pig
(once children know the sounds a pig makes in English, you can say "what does a pig do?" at this point and they'll make the sounds)
On his farm he has a sheep
Look, there is a sheep
(if the children know their numbers and there are more than one animal in the picture you can count the animals with them)

And so on and so on...
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