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Default Good TV series to show to Elementary class?


I have an afterschool class of 1st and 2nd graders that I have 4 times a week. They're the same kids each day which means I have to make 4 different lesson plans a week on top of my regular lesson plans. At first it was doable as I went through a variety of topics of them, but I'm slowly running out of ideas and it's getting pretty stressful!

So I thought just one day out of the week, I would show them an episode from a TV series. I've searched all over the net for slow speaking shows or Korean subtitles for shows like Spongebob and the Magic Schoolbus but couldn't find much..

Could anyone recommend a good TV series I could show to my kids that doesn't require subtitles OR one that you know of with subtitles (Korean)? Or any video series that you've had success with

Thanks a bunch!!
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