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Default Sea Critters

Lesson 1: Shark and Fish
Vocab Taught: shark, fish, dolphin, whale, crab
Phonics taught: c-r-a-b
Preparation: Flashcards
Time: About an hour, depending on class size.

Warmer – “Teacher Says” – 5-7 minutes.

Introduce and drill new vocabulary – 10 minutes.

Follow–up with Hopscotch. Cross the ocean – lay the animal flashcards on the ground and tell the S’s that they must use them as stepping-stones to safely cross the ocean, or else a shark will eat them. When the S’s jump on each flashcard, they must say the name of the animal. – 5-7 minutes.

Phonics – c-r-a-b
Drill the phonic values. – 5 minutes
Play whisper erase – 10 minutes.

This game requires quite a bit of space to play.
Select some student’s to be sharks. The rest are dolphins. The dolphins must save the other sea animals (fish, crab, whale – yes I know, but it’s all good fun!) from the sharks. The sea creatures are saved when the dolphin returns them to the safe spot. The other sea animals are just flashcards or stuffed toys. The sharks must also be at least one metre from the other animals, or they get “poisoned” and they have to sit down for 10 seconds. The dolphins have a safe spot, where the sharks can’t touch (eat) them. A shark can eat a dolphin by touching them. If a dolphin is eaten, they are out.
The sharks win by eating all of the dolphins or time runs out (you can set a time limit if you wish).
The dolphins win by rescuing all of the other sea creatures.
This game can last up to 20 minutes.

This is part one of a three part series. Go to for parts two and three.
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