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Default Animal Adjectives

This is a great exercise to use with intermediate upwards. It's a psychological test I got from my training course. It's better in a group but I have also used it one-to-one.

(If you've not seen this before and want to take the "test" write down your answers before reading the meanings at the end...)

It's a good follow on to having taught more advanced personality adjectives: trustworthy, thoughtful, energetic, endearing etc etc

1. Get your students to write down their favourite animal.
2. Get them to write down 3 adjectives that describe that animal.
3. Then, write their next favourite animal.
4. Then, 3 adjectives to describe it.
5. Next, their 3rd favourite animal and the 3 adjectives to describe that one.

--- for extra work & fun you can add on these questions.

5. Get them to write a sentence about themselves and coffee. (eg, "I can't start the day without it.)
6. Then, a sentence on how they feel about the sea.
7. Lastly, get them to imagine a wall. Describe it and tell what is over the wall.

You can then tell the students that it's a personality quiz and the answers will reveal something about themselves.

1. Your favourite animal is how you want others to see you - your self image.
2. Your second favourite is how others do see you.
3. Your 3rd favourite is how you really are.

4. The sentence you have written about coffee is about you and sex.
5. Your feelings about the sea are how you see life.
6. The sentence about the wall and what is on the other side is death and life after death.

I've done this with only the first few questions in company classes and as I say, it works very well with a group as, depending on the animals they chose, the answers can be very funny.

I'd love to know if anyone has any similar tests as I think they're great fun for classes.
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