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Default Re: The Best ice breaker

The toilet paper idea is hilarious!

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this is an icebreaker I use just before I start my lesson. everyone stand in a circle. the first student shouts, "anything" the next student shouts "like what?"
the third "animals". any category is ok. example
1st studend "anything"
2nd student "Like what"
3rd student " boys names
4th student " peter"
5th and so on must shout any boys name they know until some1 decides to change and say "that's all. then the student next to that one starts from the begining...anything then the circle goes on "like what"......"animals".......sheep, donkey and so on. everyone must clap 2 times to make a rythm. clap.clap "anything" clap.clap,clap..."like what" and so on. 1 mistake, you sitdown until 1/2 students remain then they get a candy or anything.
This sound fun and easily adaptable for how much time and students you have too...

I was wondering whether it's intended for younger learners or have you had success using it in adult classes?
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