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Default English Games and Activities for 3 year olds

Hello. I teach 3 year olds in Spain and Im looking for some ideas for games and activities that will keep them interested. I only teach them for a half hour once a week. Their level of English is very basic as you can imagine (colors, counting to 5). I have a big class and whenever Ive tried to do something where they move around the class it is a disaster (50 children in a small room). So far Ive done songs (head, shoulders, knees and toes, the Wheels on the Bus, and Itsy Bitsy spider). Ive also had them look at flashcards and tell me what color the flashcards are and then I put them around the room. I then take one student in front of the class and say "Go find blue." then the student will walk over to blue. After awhile though the children get antsy and I need some new material! While 30 minutes sounds like a very little amount of time I end up planning like 10 activities because their attention span is so short. Any really simple game ideas?
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