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Default Re: English Games and Activities for 3 year olds

Super Simple Learning
These, if you don't know them, are probably the coolest songs for young kids. They have a lot of free stuff on youtube with really nice videos, but I think it's still worth buying the CDs if you can.
But is easier with the younger if you have the same lesson stages every time.
It's nice to begin with a hello song and end with a bye bye one, and that's about 1/6 of your lesson already
Then you may play games in which they are in two or more teams, so there is some competition in the game, but only one or two students of each team are doing something at the same time. I've read som nice idea somewhere on the forum about a game - Action Relay - one of each team starts from one end of the room and has to go to the other but in a specific way (jump, hop, tip-toe, run, etc.)
Nad here's a new idea about a popular song that captures the kids' attention.
YouTube - Two Little Dickie Birds by Pamela Sunshine
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