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Default Re: English Games and Activities for 3 year olds

Hi! I can sympathise as I also teach a three-year old in Spain for an hour´s lesson. It´s my first year teaching such a young age! The ideas are really good here but it´s even more difficult as I only teach one individual child so it´s hard to find appropriate games. Plus the academy doesn´t have many resources/games etc for this age group. She has a textbook (Teddy´s Train) but I find that she gets bored of colouring and can´t draw very well (plus doesn´t seem to like it). I´ve read various Mr Men/Little Miss stories and the Hungry Caterpillar to her, we´ve also done the songs Head, Shoulders,Knees and Toes, I can sing a Rainbow, If you´re Happy and You know it, Old McDonald (and animals) and we´re doing Hokey Cokey now. I´m starting to run out of ideas. Plus I feel like I have to fork out for activities/games out of my own pocket! Any more ideas would be greatly welcomed!
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