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Default Re: Igniting and Keeping the Interest of a 15yr old ESL student

I have a student a bit like that and she responds really well to simple word games and vocabulary activities. For instance last week we watched an extract from Home Alone and the task was to find and list as many blue objects as possible. I did it too so we made a competition of it, as she loves the competitive element too. Admittedly, most of the vocabulary wasn't new to her, but the we discussed it and I elicited conversation in that way, e.g. "I didn't see a blue hat. Who was wearing it?" It got her talking at least!

She also loves playing a conversational card game I found and adapted on this forum... it's called Kings, I'm sure you'll find it with a quick search. It goes down really well with all my students.

I suggest trying out lots of different games with your student and not being afraid to abandon them if he doesn't respond well to them. Trial and Error! Best of luck!
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