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Default Re: Does anyone know some good activities for large classes?

I don't think that anyone mentioned this, but it is great for large groups of children. The game is called zoo keeper (as far as I know); it is a tag game. Split the class into two halfs (not teams though). Each team lines up shoulder to shoulder facing the other team. "It" is in the middle. Tell all of the students to think of an animal but not to tell anyone. "It" will then ask questions about animals, for example "Does your animal have fur? Can your animal fly?" Anyone who answers "yes" to the question must run to the other side while "it" chases them. The people who are caught must stay where they were caught. They can now tag others, but only by moving their arms.

I have adapted this to practice can, various uses of have, animals, food, clothes (if your students don't wear uniforms), past tense (did you do homework last night), etc.
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