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Default advantages and disaadvantages of on-line learning

I recently got into this discussion with another teacher and I was wondering what everyone thought about all of these learn English on-line websites and programs.

Discussing CALL (computer assisted language learning) in general is too difficult, so I'd like narrow it down to all inclusive ESL sites for learners or similar sites.

I make ESL on-line learning games and I think the internet and these types of programs have their specific merits but I feel many places may be fooling students about the real potential they have.

Are these sites preying on people's aspirations to learn English and bleeding them for cash?

Are these sites filling a specific need for some students?

Do you think an on-line course can provide a well rounded ESL/EFL curriculum?

I can't say that I'm well informed about all the benefits of these programs, because you have to pay for them to use them. However, I put them right up there with the "learn to speak English in 30 days" software packages that sit at the bottom of people's closets. Those I have seen and they're not much more than a computer book and workbook.

What do you think?
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