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Default Re: advantages and disaadvantages of on-line learning

i think there are quite a few advantages and they outweigh the disadvantages.

i studied korean online for a few months and i learned more in those few months than i did in the 5 years i have lived here. one thing that was very helpful with the course was that all the grammar instruction was in english. that helped me a lot. it's hard to tailor a real class like that with grammar in L1.

speech recognition software is getting very poweful these days. i imagine in a few years it will be implemented more online language learning programs and will be quite helpful. not there yet.

a big drawback of online learning (if you don't have a teacher you are assigned to during the course) is that getting questions answered is difficult.

another drawback is interaction but most of my lower/intermediate classes are very structured and we get into more "free" talking as they have those skills.

maybe online learning is less and less useful the higher your ability is.

but, if i were to study again, i would take a serious look at what's online, though i might be more driven to study and continue to study if i were surrounded by a class of my peers.

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