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Default Re: advantages and disaadvantages of on-line learning

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Hi Mark,

Don't want to give you an ego-boost (or why not?), but your website was mentioned very positively here:
Yay! Thanks for letting me know about that.

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The problem is that various people learn in different ways and no one seems to have found a tool to help people discover the best way for them. I feel a project coming on...
That's a good angle to take. Help the learner find their style instead of trying to find a style that suits all learners.

In response to Eric, I tell students it's like dieting. Some people watch what they eat. Some people run. Some people dance. Some people play sports. Some people swim... Some people don't seem to have to try at all, and others have to do everything to small success. But the one thing that is constant is they have to keep at it. AND it's not easy.
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