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Default Re: Continue + infinitive or ing

Browsing the internet with the quest to clarify the infinitive/gerund issue with ´continue´, I noticed that one site had ´continue´ for use with infinitives only.

However my Longman English Dictionary includes ´continue doing something´with two definitions:

1. to not stop happening, existing or doing something.
Most elderly people want to continue living at home for as long as they can.
2. to start again, or start doing something again, after an interruption. Resume.
He picked up his book and continued reading.

I teach English to Spanish-speaking students so they tend to translate (Continuo hablando con mis amigos (I continue talking to my friends) - but it somehow sounds more natural saying, "I continue to talk to my friends" and use 'carry on' for gerunds, i.e. "I carry on talking to my friends."


I welcome feedback .
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