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Quote fishead soup
Good point alternatively you might want to write the amount of time allocated to preffered activity time. You do this at the beginning of the class and start your standard lesson. Everytime someone disrupts your lesson simply substact one minute from it.
I forgot about this one. I use this, but only on my really loud/bad/crazy classes and it is SOOOO effective. I do it a little different, but it has the same affect. I just basically write my lesson plan on the board. For example

1. Review
2. Introduce new material
3. Writing or production activity
4. Game using the new material

Since my games rule ( ) they always want to play them. If they get noisy i dont even have to say a word. I just look at my lesson plan on the whiteboard and watch the seconds tick away on my watch. The usually clam up in about 1.3 seconds.

Thanks for the reminder on that one fishead soup!
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